My name is Shannon;

“Just a soul on a path to higher ground.”

Through this journey so far, I have found my deepest gratitude for each trial that has come my way. Learning to embrace them with a loving heart, open mind, and a trusting intuition. Where I am called, I must follow. Even if the road is treacherous…

Local to Long Island, where I have recently planted roots, The Nova Sanctuary. Found my spirits match, Ryan. Paved my future as an Artist, at Salvation South Tattoo. Awakened to the belief in a Higher Power, through the 12 steps of Recovery. Everything I have ever dreamed for myself is finally coming to bloom. Although I can see it clear as day, moment to moment-I forget. I forget that my trivial day to day life has purpose. My actions and intentions make a difference to this world. This blog is my reminder. In hopes that as I remember the divine inspiration constantly showing her beautiful face to me; it will inspire others as well to notice the gifts in their journey. To continue to “trudge the road to happy destiny”. Together.