Upon a Star…

​The first time I was ever brought to Disney, I was four years old. I remember glimpses of it; mostly only the moments caught on camera…as if they were still shots of shooting stars. Too fond, they flash before your eyes and then they’re gone. 

I played this game with myself when I was younger where whenever I felt truly happy, I would repeat over and over inside my head…Remember this. Remember this. Remember this…

With a small knowing that someday I would indeed forget. I still play that game to this day. With my camera in hand, I subconsciously repeat as I press record, remember this

24 years later, here I am admiring Gaia glimmering with the magic of it all. I don’t suppose she’s playing the game inside her head too…but as I adore her, my eyes drown with tears, 

Remember this…



I hear it again from inside. A glimpse of distant memory retraces my face. I look at her and I see me. Four years old…making wishes on the stars. Without ever knowing that they’d come true.

This trip to Disney, although not my first time brought me back to those moments, those dreams I had as a child. And my greatest wish today is that Gaia can look back and see it just as it was. With this relentless need to remember, I plan to show her the magic she leaves behind. I hope to capture her glistening with my every step. Drawing me into the Moments. That I dare never to forget. Freeze me in time. Because this little girl, without even trying lightens my soul. And without even knowing, is the star I was wishing upon. All those years ago. 

And although she’s not mine, she makes me whole. And of all the wishes forgotten, whole is what I’ve always wanted. 

And this time I promise I will…


Song: Lullaby by Sia. 

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